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Exhaust Systems

Boat exhaust systems are crucial components that manage the emissions produced by marine engines, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and minimizing air and water pollution. These systems typically consist of exhaust manifolds, risers, mufflers, and through-hull fittings. 

Exhaust manifolds collect exhaust gases from the engine cylinders and direct them to the risers, which release them above the waterline to prevent water intrusion into the engine. Mufflers reduce engine noise and attenuate exhaust gases before they are discharged into the environment.  

Through-hull fittings provide an exit point for exhaust gases and ensure they are safely expelled overboard, away from the boat and occupants. Proper design, installation, and maintenance of exhaust systems are essential for maximizing engine performance, minimizing emissions, and protecting the marine environment. Regular inspections and servicing help detect and address any issues, ensuring compliance with regulations and safe operation of the vessel.
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