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Anchor & Docking

Boat anchors and docking equipment are vital for safe and secure mooring, whether at a dock, marina, or out on the water. Anchors come in various types, such as fluke, plow, and mushroom, each suited to different bottom conditions and boat sizes. They work by gripping the seabed to prevent drifting and provide stability during stops. 

Docking equipment includes cleats, fenders, and dock lines, which facilitate the smooth and controlled approach and departure from docks or mooring points. Cleats provide sturdy attachment points for securing lines, while fenders cushion the boat against impacts with the dock. Dock lines, typically made of nylon or polyester, are used to secure the boat to the dock or other vessels. 

Choosing the right anchor and docking equipment is crucial for ensuring the safety of the vessel and its occupants, as well as protecting against damage from rough seas, currents, or sudden weather changes.
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