Affiliate Program

Introducing MMarine FREE Online Affiliate Program, the most profitable affiliate model in the sector. Join our FREE Affiliate Program and you'll earn a commission on every completed sale made by customers you refer.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

  • You get up to 10% commission based off items ordered
  • Your followers get $20 off their first order if they sign up to the newsletter
  • 30 day cookie life - a customer has 30 days to purchase
  • You'll have access to an affiliate dashboard where you can create a custom code to share with your followers.
  • You will receive the MMarine Goodybag.
  • You become an MMarine Ambassador.


How Our Program Works:

  • Click the link below to sign up to become a MMarine Online Affiliate.
  • Once approved, create your referral link and upload a MMarine Online banner or link on your site/blog.
  • Earn commission for each completed purchase
  • Conversions are tracked on your MMarine Online Affiliate account
  • Start earning with up to 10% commission.
  • All payments are made bi-weekly.